Patrick O’Reilly

Patrick O’Reilly

Calle Jardín 50Los Realejos, Tenerife, Spain 38410

After years of seeing (well, hearing) the problem and expecting and hoping it to somehow get fixed or just go away; as an amateur linguist, language-teacher, and speaker of native Mayo Gaelic; I’ve now decided to take on the crusade and show as many as possible of the majority of current speakers of Gaelic that they’re NOT; technically; speakers of Gaelic, and remedy the few small easily-fixed issues of pronunciation so that they finally ARE true Gaelic-speakers.

A wee chat with me and I can set you straight and on your way to sounding like a native within minutes, in person, or maybe over Skype or just exchanging audio samples, and, hopefully, these little pointers will start to ripple out through the Gaelic community.

Non-Credit available.

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