Séril Báicéir

I completely agree! I believe more language programs beyond the very basics are going to move as much towards immersion as they can. I wish language classes in high school would do that. I think it would help immencely, but I think it’s a relatively new concept in the public school systems as far as a teaching technique. I hope it catches on like I think it will.

Immersion is part of the reason why my no-English lessons on Rosetta stone have really helped me. They aren’t everything I do to study and learn more, but they have been immencely helpful with helping everything “click,” to go beyond just memorization and actually ingrain it into my brain. 🙂

I’m hoping in a few years I’ll be able to go to Ireland. It’s just too expensive for us at the moment. I would love to attend some kind of immersion weekend or something while I’m there. Perhaps I can get fluent enough to teach a course or two as Gaeilge here in SC, or at least find people interested enough to start a group.

Bhuel, go raibh maith agaibh!