Is there any good material available to improve my spelling. I know English has loads of rules etc that are widely available in printed form. Anything similar in Irish? Ta in advance.


I think that initially you should become familiar with the standard rules before diverging into phonetic spelling to reflect regional dialects and pronunciations. Those rules are covered in most modern grammars and courses. One basic common rule is the “caol le caol agus leathan le leathan” which is covered in all grammars. In the O’Donnell dictionary all the headwords are in standard spelling and in cases where there is an alternate dialectical spelling or word it directs you to it. Additional sources are two computer programs for spelling and Grammar:”Gaelspell” for spelling änd “Anois” for grammar. The Anois program includes both grammar and spelling. Both programs were designed by Kevin Scannell of the U. of St.Louis and an accomplice in Dublin. Another program is ”Easy Reader” which I think has Gaelspell as part of its word processing program . Of this I’m not sure and bears checking out.
Hope this helps