Séril Báicéir

Go raibh maith agat, a Aonghuis! 😀

Agus, a Fhaberm, I’m not sure. I’ve only driven through Winston-Salem on my way to somewhere else a long time ago when I was little. It is quite possible. The carolinas and even Georgia are permeated with Irish and Scottish decendants, and though (sadly) most have lost their ancestral ties, there always seem to be a few around that are closer to their roots…but it’s hard to know if out of those if there would be any speakers of Gaeilge among them. It would be interesting to find out though. I wonder how one would go about finding out? Maybe there is a Irish group there as well that might know… or at least an Irish cultural event that has a contact person that would be a good way to start. Even placing an ad in a local newspaper could be informative but not certain. If my future with the Cara Club brings me in contact with any people from that area who speak…I’ll be sure to remember to post something about it! 🙂