Séril Báicéir

With myself being in a place where I don’t have any one to really practice with face to face, I can defiantely say my advice would be to not get discouraged. If you start to feel discouraged, find yourself another resource to learn from and just keep plugging on. But I definately agree that finding movies and videos as well as listening to the radio are very helpful because your ear really does need that training. Even if you don’t recognize most of the words spoken, you can definately still train your ear to recognize the breaks between words, common phrases that keep reoccuring and things like that. If it can be afforded, I definately think Rosetta stone is an invaluable resource, though definately not the “end-all-be-all” of resources. I still wouldn’t give up my other books and dictionaries either.

And of course this forum has been an unending source of help for me and for many others. If there is ever a time in your lessons from various books that you don’t understand something…even if it seems simple it can be a big help to get an explanation from people who have been studying longer.

Agus…ádh mór ort!