Séril Báicéir

The people behind abair are trying to raise funding to do the necessary work for this.

Speech to text is harder than text to speech (and needs training also)

I don’t believe there is any solution for Irish speech to text yet.

That’s great that they are working on this, and I wish them all the best of luck on it.

For example, in the case of Irish, it would have to know where to put FH, or whether a H sound is spelled TH or SH… and so on.

Yes, this is a good example of something I have run into when trying to do writing from just hearing words spoken. Often there is a question of spelling, and it’s true the software would probably have the same problem if it were not programmed to recognize words in context with others and also grammar. That would be a difficult piece of work to program and also probably very expensive if it was released to the public. However, I don’t think it is impossible, and though it may be some considerable time before anything close to accurate is released, I think it will come in time and be well worth the trouble.

Go raibh maith agaibh, a Aonghuis agus a F.F.