Héilics Órbhuí

Is dócha nach gcuirfeadh aistriúchán ar “Thin Mints” mar is ainm ceart dó é ach ní hé cur síos cruinn é. “Miontais Thanaí” = thin mints (i.e. mints that are thin). (Mionta = mint that would print money). Thin Mints is the name of a cookie that isn’t really itself a mint, albeit somewhat thin, so it seems to me that translating that literally would be misleading. But I could be wrong about that, and it may just be a matter of subjectivity. (I also looked up the word “mint” again and it looks like “mismín” might be another or more appropriate word for that. You’d have to get more opinions on that I think)

Dála an scéal, maith thú as gur tharraing túÂ aird dom ar an bhfocal banghasóg. Ní raibh sé ar eolas agam cheana!