dul a chodladh – dull a CHULL-a

That’s usually how I hear this pronounced. I don’t know what to say about the others though.. never heard anyone say these with the “y” glide that way before.

The “ch” is supposed to be like the “ch” sound in English. When they show the Irish “ch” sound, they spell it with “kh”.

Here are some examples from the book:

deoch – jukh
tine – CHIN-e
an t-seachtain seo chaite – un TSHOCKH-tin shuh CHOTCH-eh

Wow, these “pronunciations” are actually painful to look at! :sick:

Pronunciation apart, I think it should read “an tseachtain seo caite”. 🙂 Didn’t manage to listen to the file, but pronunciations like “jukh” and “CHIN-e” would point towards Ulster Irish, unless this is just a convenient shortcut for not having to learn the slender variants of “d” and “t”…