I’m not aware of a pdf and it is a very hard book to find. I’ll keep an eye out at antiquarian book fares, one on this month, for a copy for you.

No, if you happen to find one, you should keep it for yourself. I once checked it out through an inter-library loan and I can always re-check it and print out the whole book a page at a time – sure it’s worth the trouble for such a good book! Of course, if you should happen to run across 2 copies, I’ll be happy to buy one from you. 🙂

There is Seanchas Amhlaoibh Uí Luínse which is easy to get, it’s the other half of the material Seán Ó Cróinín took from Amhlaoibh. I’m sure you know of it though.

That’s one of the books that I’ve got sitting on my shelves, waiting until I’m advanced enough to read it someday.

Daltaí na Gaeilge