Rogha Bhríde

… I have half a mind to write Assimil to ask why they don’t teach [mu’ker] for Spanish mujer, [bu:k] for German Buch, or [[kÉ™rɐ’Ê‚o] for Russian хорошо

Iontach Jonas. Déan le do thoill!
Great. Oh please do! (And while you’re at it, send a copy to the Department of Education. Oh, and remind them that the Irish alphabet is not the same as the English one. Try teaching German using the English alphabet.) Oh and to any learners of Irish in Ireland – don’t be hard on yourselves. How could you learn a language which was, and still is, taught using the wrong alphabet? Beyond words.

Agus chuig DasBroc: (Is maith liom an tainm!) Má bhaineann tú sult as, lean ort ag foghlaim na Gaeilge. Is iontach an rud gur fhoghlaim tú í.