Flup an Seabhaic

Tá fáilte romhat, Flup an Seabhaic! 🙂 Thanks for your explanation! Yes, “aois” is as good as “ré”, I just chose the latter in order to rule out possible ambiguity, because “aois” can also mean “the age of a person”. But if the context is clear, then that’s not an issue. As regards “giving birth”, I pondered over the online English-Irish dictionary, but couldn’t find anything similar, so I rephrased the metaphor. But of course, in translation there’s no single correct answer, which makes it all the more interesting… It would be interesting to see if other members come up with more suggestions/alternatives.
Go n-éirí leat!

Is deacair an rud é aistriú gan dabht is gan amhras, ach is spéisúil an rud é freisin! 😉

But yeah, it’s good to see multiple angles on it, so thanks for that. Translation is always a battle between accuracy and idiomacy. You want to capture the author’s original intent but you also want something that doesn’t sound odd or badly written to a native speaker. I think both Irish versions of “Alice in Wonderland” are good examples of the extreme ends of the spectrum.