ava adore

So sorry for the delay, I had trouble logging in. Thank you so much for the response, it was very helpful!
I have a few follow-up questions, if you (or anyone able) could help:


– I see rudchine is modern Irish; I do need an Old Irish type translation. Could you clarify for me what would work with cenél? Why would “rud” not work? “Rud” is a central term I use (and I can change it if that’s not Old Irish – I looked and saw rét might be the right term instead? Would it need to be Rétlann?) but I do need a term for “thing” (like object of some but not major consequence, perhaps with the subtext of interchangeability) to be use for terms in Old Irish meaning “thing-race” and “thing-place.” Does Rudlann or Rétlann work for the latter? What would work for the former? It’s in a fantasy context, so as close as possible on this particular topic (thing-place and thing-race) is fine.
– If sída is the Old Irish plural of fairy mound, would Sídalann work? And what would Sídeann mean, if anything? (I realize that might not mean anything, I just need to confirm that).
– I didn’t realize Mingary was Scottish. I’m basically looking to name a place, a quiet sort of limbo type hibernation space, spiritually speaking. I don’t want it to end in -lann or -ann. What are some other words that could work to name this place in Old Irish?
– With “the wild,” fíadan was given in Old Irish – does this work in the context of like, the wild unknowable? I’m not looking so much for a noun indicating a forest, but more that sense of wild wonder of going into ‘the wild’ as something unmeasurable and untamable. Would that work work in that context?


– I have one Modern Irish question. If folks are speaking to one another in current Modern Irish about an old god, would one use Nuada (the old spelling/name) or Nuadha (the modern spelling)?

Thanks again!!