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    Séril Báicéir

    Dia dhaoibh, duine go léir!

    It’s been a while. My study of Gaeilge continues even though I’ve been absent from this forum for a while. I hope everyone is doing well!

    In one of the last posts I posted, I mentioned that I had been elected president of the Irish Cara Club in my area and now, at the end of my term, the club finally seems ready to embrace a modern outlook and reincorporate the cultural events that it once did (ones besides the large festival we host every year). One idea we really want to go through with is to expose our members to the Gaeilge language, its history as well as speech and reading. A few of our members know the language, but most, sadly do not. We want someone who is knowledgeable in the history of Gaeilge to be our first speaker to our club members via Skype or other video conferencing program. We would set up a time and a room where we are to project the live video to the group. I feel that this is an important step in regaining cultural and linguistic interest in my area, as there are a lot of people here with Irish backgrounds or who are 1st or 2nd generation Irish Americans.

    If there is anyone who would be generous enough to be our speaker we would be very grateful and know that the information you would impart to us would be so helpful to our goal of cultural knowledge and perseverance.

    Please email me at candrews86@gmail.com if you would be interested in being our speaker.

    Go raibh maith agaibh!

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