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    A slightly off-topic one here, folks.

    Years ago when I lived in the UK, I remember watching a comedy about an English removals firm taking the household contents of a recently retired Irish couple back to Ireland (Kerry?). The gaffer of the squad was a late middle-aged man who was portrayed as having a higher level of culture than his workmates. On the lengthy road and ferry journey in their pantechnicon, he was learning Irish using some kind of walkman and a book. I remember that when he arrived and tried out his Irish on the locals one of them said something like, “Ní thuigim focal ar bith as do bhéal.” (My late father, God rest him, translated for us at home.) He then went on to say to the Englishman that he had just declared that his Irish was the sweetest thing he had ever heard.

    Does anyone remember this programme at all? What was it’s name? It was just a one-off and it’s bugging the life out of me, but I cannot recall the name of it!

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