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    Hello everybody,

    I have come across some online talks about which dialect to take up and if it might be a choice for folks far away off the Gaeltacht to take over the accent from Hiberno-English. Into Irish. This has stirred the following thought upon me which I would like to share with you.

    When the drive to keep up and ednew Irish, there had to be chosen a dialect to teach outside the Gaeltacht while there as well was no standard tongue at hand. It has come to my mind why the own inborn kinds of Irish has not been taken for teaching Irish instead of “borrowing” a dialect fro. AmGaeltacht swath left over. Up until the beginning of the last yearhundred, nearly eachmcounty still had its last mothertongue speakers of Irish that could have been begged to do their share in the work to pass their kind of Irish on to younger folks and children. This could have hindered the spread of the belief that Irish is the tongue of the folks in the west, all above in the eastern half of the later Republic. Leinster would be alike Connacht, Munster and Ulster with its own kind of Irish and would not be in the shadow of Munster and Connacht as to the Irish tongue.

    On the other hand, some kind of written standard is needed for tongues that are brooked as well for formal settings. To ease some words with knotty spellings that do hardly match with the spoken tongue, yet, is well-grounded. But some spellings have been changed too much while the standard is too heavily grounded on Galway Irish. There have been cut letters from words that are still to be heard in Munster Irish. The dialects of Ulster are in my eyes sundry enough that an own written standard would be rightful. Another way could have been a few regional standards while youngsters are entrained tofully understand all of them. In lands with mighty tongues, one kind of speech jad been spueezed onto folks by the elites in the run of time which I just call unright. By the way: Latin has well be fitting as tongue amongst lands in Europe. Instead of making Esperanto, one could have just go on to brook Latin.

    An Ghaeilge go bráth!

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