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    I’ve just started learning Irish, and I’ve been having difficulty finding the various inflections for the prepositional pronouns of fá. I’ve seen fá used in expressions like fá choinne but what are the equivalents of fúm, fút, etc?

    Any help is appreciated.


    Héilics Órbhuí

    “Fá” is just a dialectical variation of “faoi”. I believe the pronoun forms are the same as standard, and “fán” is equivalent to “faoin”.

    Someone can correct me on this.


    The pronoun forms are the same for faoi and fá, as far as I know.

    Though the dialect forms may differ from another and from the Standard forms, they don’t differ for fá and faoi, eg faom = fúm = fá/faoi + mé)

    faom / fúm
    faod / fúd
    faoithe / fúithe
    faoinn / fúinn
    faoibh / fúibh
    faofa / fúfa

    In Ulster both faoi and fá are used with different meanings, eg. fán tír = in the country, but faoin talamh = under the earth.


    As I see – go raibh maith agat!

    That makes a lot of sense. I wondered why I couldn’t find anything else other than faoi etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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