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    Séril Báicéir

    Dia daoibh, a chairde,

    I recently just joined Google+ and I’ve found it a really great place to interact with communities that focus on various topics. It’s not as flooded at Facebook, and I think I like that about it. It has a “grownup” feel.

    But I also found a community that is supposed to encompass everything Irish and from Ireland or about Ireland, and I joined it because I was thrilled to see that they had a section for Gaeilge. But over the weeks I’ve noticed that there is only a solo person posting in that section and though he is very enthusiastic about Irish things, he never really posts anything about the language itself and when I posted as Gaeilge there I was asked to translate what I had said because no one could read it. It didn’t make me mad really just a bit dissappointed, but it did make me realize how much help that section of the group needs.

    So…I wanted to invite any of you here on Daltaí to help post things truly about the language and in the language in that section of the group. Even when asked to translate what I posted everyone was very nice and enthusiastic about the language, expressing an interested and often saying they wished more people (including themselves) could learn the language.
    I think it would be a worth while thing to give a bit of Daltaí Love to this group. If anyone can help, that would be awesome!

    Here is the link:

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