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    A Chairde,

    I’m developing a method for teaching languages that emulates learning through immersion. This method is based on my own experiences learning Swedish, having lived in Sweden for almost a decade. I now have a demo in place for teaching Swedish but I would like to complement it by also having a demo for Irish. To do so I will need help from a native speaker who can write me a few dozen sentences based on a set of criteria.

    So here is the Swedish demo which works in Firefox at least. Bear in mind that it is a work in process and that I am improving it all the time as I receive feedback from those who are helping me to test it.

    The idea is that you let the demo play for a while until you hear a sound that you are interested in. You then press the “?” button to explore the current sentence, where you can locate the interesting sound in order to find out what it means in English. The tutorial teaches 24 words, with each word used multiple times in the 30 sentences that compose the demo.

    I would be very grateful if someone could spare me a couple of hours to produce an Irish demo! As mentioned above, this will involve writing a few dozen sentences based on a set of criteria.

    Míle Buíochas,


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