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    DeddMannZedd and I have recently finished an Irish language version of the comic book “Blacksad” which you can download here: [url= Imleabhar 1 – Caillte i measc scáthanna.pdf?dl=0]Blacksad Imleabhar I[/url]

    Alas neither of us are native speakers of Irish, so we are looking for other translators and editors to help us with our project.

    We would like to create Irish language version for many other things – other comic books, television shows, and cartoons for example, and we have already transcribed the scripts of many different shows from Rick & Morty to Futurama.

    At the moment there is only the two of us working on this project, and because of this we can only make slow progress on one project at a time. If we received more help and had more people on our team, we would be able to finish projects much faster than we can now, and start on more exciting and expansive projects as well.

    If you’re interested in helping us, send an email to me at, or a private message here on Daltaí
    We don’t care about your level of Irish, it is your interest that is most important to us.

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