Help with some legendary Irish names for storytelling?

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m a UK-based storyteller working with some Irish folklore and legendary material at the moment. I’m looking for some help with correct/acceptable pronunciation if that’s possible?

    I’m struggling with some of these names from my sources, either because I can’t find any pronunciation guide for the word, or else I’ve found multiple and conflicting pronunciations. I know that it can vary depending on regional dialect, but also that the Old Irish pronunciation can be different from modern. The main story is set in Connacht.

    King Guaire Aidne mac Colmain =

    King GOUJEH I-NE Mac [KOHL] + [MUHN
    Guaire /gu:ər´ə/ (goo-uh-r’ih — r’ is a one-tap palatalised r, hard to explain, but anyway not the English r)
    Aidhne /ajn’ə/ = ” I-nih”(Munster & Connemara?) or /e:N’ə/ = ay-nyih (Donegal).

    Dallan – DA-LAHN
    King of Oriel – OH-REE-EL

    Senchan Torpeist – sen-kawn – Tor-pest?
    But I’ve also seen a lot of people saying it’s Shawn-chawn (modern I think)
    W. B. Yeats thinks it’s pronounced ‘Shanahan’!

    Marban — MARV-on?
    Iruson – ?
    Aruson – ?
    Reany ?
    Cnogda — CROGA?
    Kiernan – HEIR-NON?

    Owney / Owney-na-Peak
    Conn = Kon ?
    Connacht = Kohn-uct ?

    Can you bring any clarity to my confusion?

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