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    hello everyone and thanks for having me on board. hope this great community can help me out….

    after a long while deliberating, i finally need to name my house, and obviously if it’s gonna be carved in stone, i want to do it justice and get it right (in connacht gaeilge)….

    was hoping to get the right translation of “(home on the) western highway” (from the beautiful gerry o’beirne song that many of you will know, maybe from maura o’connell’s recording), as the house sits on the wild atlantic way. would this be something like “teach ar/an bealach thiar”? would love to nail down the accurate and natural way of saying it. all suggestions appreciated

    the other option is “taobh na gréine”, which i’ve seen several times as a house name. would i be right in translating it as “on the sunny side”? and i’m hoping it also conveys a sense of optimism, i.e. always look on the bright side of life?

    any other suggestions for a coastal home in the west would be welcomed.

    with sincere thanks for all help and guidance. i’ll pay heed to all advice!


    Hello! The word ‘thiar’ literally means ‘situated in the west / behind’, so I would rather go for ‘siar’ (‘leading to the west’) and use “An teach ar an mbealach siar” (“The house on the westward road”). But I suppose, you might as well leave out “an teach” (“The house”) and just write “Ar an mbealach siar” (“On the westward road”), as the object referred to (house) is already made clear by the context.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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