Inis ever spelled Inus?

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    Hi, we just named our dog Inis, in part because I liked the sound of it and then I happy discovered the 12th and 17th century stories of the hound Failinis.

    But being in the US, I’m wondering if Inis is ever spelled Inus in Irish? It seems like it would be the more natural English spelling, so thinking about that, but don’t want to lose the Irish spelling either.

    Thanks, and slainte!



    ‘Inis’ (usually pronounced IHN-ish) on its own actually means ‘island’ in Irish, but it’s a nice word and why not suitable as a name for a dog? 🙂 Can’t think of anything spelt ‘inus’, except for the island of Inis Oírr … which I have also seen written as ‘Inus’, in order to reflect the fact that this word is pronounced with an ‘s’ sound (instead of ‘sh’) in the local dialect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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