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    Maybe split VideoTitle into Program Name and Episode Title?

    Bob Kaucher

    Good idea!

    Program (if applicable)
    Episode (if applicable)
    VideoTitle (duplicate of YouTube title)
    VideoUrl (address of video)
    PostedBy (the subtitle app user who submitted this instance)
    Transcript (Similar to SubFile field but may contain additional information and formatting to assist learners.)
    Comments []

    I have decided that initially I am not going to enable comments as that is a Pandora’s box of authentication, authorization, and other features that I don’t have time to address.

    Héilics Órbhuí

    I have a transcription of Episode 1 of Turas Húicéara now (with some holes in it that will need people with better ears than mine to fill in). Not sure exactly what I should do with it. It looks like you have actually done quite a bit of work and I am impressed that this idea has actually started catching on and inspiring others!

    I tried using Captiontube to upload my transcription but it said that I couldn’t because the video is private?? (It’s not).

    Héilics Órbhuí

    I created a blog so I could at least post stuff and people can make comments as to what corrections they want to make, even if they can’t edit it themselves right now. Here is the transcript I made of the episode:


    Bob Kaucher

    I have created the web service that we can use to display the subtitles on different web pages. This assumes that you have some basic idea of JavaScript.

    The URL of web service is http://sub.robertkaucher.com/api/Subtitles/

    Accessing that URL will get you a list of all the entries I have created in JSON format. Appending the ID of the video to the above URL will get you just the entry for that video:

    http://sub.robertkaucher.com/api/Subtitles/5 will show Dúnmharú ar an DART Rap

    http://sub.robertkaucher.com/api/Subtitles/6 is the CoDAsGaeilge Episode 1

    You can see the script in action here and get the code for you blog.


    It requires jQuery and POPCorn.js and you need to have these 3 DIVs in your page:

    You can style them or set them to be any width you want.

    Bob Kaucher

    I have created a complete widget using Kendo UI, jQuery, and Popcorn.js to display the subtitles that we collect. Again, anyone is welcome to copy my code and add it to their own web pages or blogs.

    Just click on a video form the table to start it playing.

    My next step will be to add a tabbed interface that displays the transcript (i.e. the complete text of the subtitles without the time codes) so that the user can copy/print them if they desire. Right now I am tired and it’s time for some Irish before bed.

    Send me your .sub files and the web address of the videos on YouTube and I will add them to my database.

    Eventually I will create an interface for users to add their own, but right now that is just a bit complicated for something I am not certain people will even use.


    Tús an-mhaith!

    1. If I play one video after another, a subtitle from the previous video lingers in the subtitle box and is displayed while the second video runs.

    2. Could the subtitles be displayed on top of (partially obscuring) the video?


    Héilics Órbhuí

    Wow, I’m impressed. Granted, I don’t know what most of that stuff does or means, but I can tell it is a great beginning. My question is this:

    Do you have any experience with .srt files? They are basically text files with subtitles that are separated by easily editable time codes for each “line”. These are the same files you can play along with an .avi or other video. I was thinking it would make things easier for probably everyone if the system we came up with read those files. That way you couldn’t have to know how to edit some more complicated scripting language and you could re-use the same file on a video saved locally on your drive as you would for one that is online. I don’t know how easy it would be to modify what you have so far to accept a source file that would be uploaded (i.e. the .srt file) as its source of the subtitle information.

    Bob Kaucher

    Actually that is what the program does except it currently uses .sub files. .sub is the format that YouTube uses and is very similar to the .srt files. I’ll look at the .srt standard and work on getting the system to be able to distinguish and parse both file formats.

    Just to be clear, there are two components at work here:

    1. A web service that publishes the .sub subtitle file as well as some additional information like the title of the video, the web address (URL), etc. This allows anyone who wants to to build their own widget to access the data we are publishing. The web address of this service is http://sub.robertkaucher.com/api/Subtitles

    2. The different JavaScript programs I have been fiddling with on the jsbin.com web site and publishing here. These read the web service and parse the information displaying either individual videos or a grid allowing you to pick from all the videos. You’ll need either my JavaScript code or someone else’s code to publish it on your own personal web site. Once I get a working version we can start using as a beta I will publish a step-by-step guide on how to add the “widget” to your web page.

    I am not currently willing to expose the upload interface to the Internet because of the potential security issues. Basically I would have to write authentication (username/password) and authorization (rules about who is allowed to do what) as well as an interface to allow people to report inappropriate content. This would really mean a lot of time and effort expended on my part, so I am only going to be willing to go that route if I think that others are actually going to use this.

    As I mentioned in another post above, I attempted to get the web service working on some free hosting but chucked the idea because it was just not worth the hassle. So this is being hosted on my personal server in my home so if I add that functionality I will really need to make sure that the security is perfect because I am not willing to let my server get owned by a hacker.


    Spreag an togra seo agaibh mé cuairt a thabhairt ar shuíomh TG4 lena fháil amach cén cur chuige atá acu i léith fotheidil. Agus caithfidh mé a rá gur chuir sé an-iontas orm go gcuirtear fotheidil Bhéarla ar fáil do chuile chlár a athchraoltar, ach ní bhíonn fotheidil Ghaeilge ach ar Ros na Rún, Seachtar na Cásca agus cupla clár le haighaidh gasúir… Cén fáth? Más féidir aistriúchán a chur ar fáil ar chlár, ní fhéadfadh sé a bheith chomh deacair sin an bunleagan Gaeilge a thras-scríobh ag an am céanna.

    Idir an dá linn, molaim an obair atá idir lámha agaibh! Is iontach an smaoineadh go deo é. 🙂


    Let me offer one bit of information that is relevant to this project.

    Last month I was browsing TG4’s site and came across a statement (which I can’t relocate) that they were actively working on an overhaul of programme subtitling. There wasn’t a lot of detail but the piece clearly suggested the big change they would be to offer different subtitling options as in:

    a) without English subtitles
    b) with English subtitles
    c) with Irish subtitles

    If these subtitles are offered as different elements within the broadcast stream then theoretically it would be possible to extract them and convert to the various subtitle formats (srt. sub. etc). Then it would be possible to watch TG4 programmes and switch ‘on the fly’ from none, to English or to Irish subs.

    One could also choose (as I sometimes do with difficult German films) and display both (Irish frame bottom, English upper frame).

    One warning is due though though, when I read the information on their site, I noted the page itself had no date of issue nor any start date for the feature. So further clarification is needed , maybe from TG4 itself? Sorry I can’t point to the page on the TG4.

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