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    Días Lasairfhíona

    Does anybody know from which verb the form imtheochaidh is derived? I was thinking about an old form of the future tense of imigh, but I am not sure. “Imtheochaidh” is used in “The Theme from Harry’s Game” – by Clannad.


    Imtheòchaidh is the old spelling of imeochaidh (standard imeoidh), the future tense of the verb imigh.


    Yeah, as Lughaidh says, that’s just an older spelling of what’s now spelled “imeoidh,” future of “imigh.”

    Originally from imm-téit I think in Old Irish. “Imm/imb” = the modern preposition “um,” ‘about,’ ‘around,’ &c., + “téit” ‘goes.’ So literally ‘to go around, about,’ &c.…

    [url=;=(id contains I) and (column contains 101)&sortField=ID&sortDIR=65602&respage=0&resperpage=10&bhcp=1]Imm, imb[/url]
    [url=;=(id contains T) and (column contains 124)&sortField=ID&sortDIR=65602&respage=0&resperpage=10&bhcp=1]Téit[/url]
    [url=;=(id contains I) and (column contains 155)&sortField=ID&sortDIR=65602&respage=0&resperpage=10&bhcp=1]Imm-téit[/url]
    [url=;=(id contains I) and (column contains 177)&sortField=ID&sortDIR=65602&respage=0&resperpage=10&bhcp=1]Imthecht[/url]

    Días Lasairfhíona

    Go raibh maith agaibh 🙂

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