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    Liam MacGiodaire

    A chairde,

    Is oth linn a fhógairt go mbeidh orainn Seachtain na Gaeilge 2020 a chur ar ceal. Tá muid croíbhriste mar gheall ar sin, ach caithfidh muid bheith réadúil (anois is aríst).

    We’ve been in frequent contact with the staff at Marist; and they have been optimistic and accommodating, as always. Although they were confident that they would ultimately obtain permission for our program to operate, they also anticipated that the approval would be contingent upon compliance with several special health requirements. Many of the conditions would have been manageable. However, the Marist staff were of the opinion that the requirements for social distancing and for face masks would also still be in place in August. Those two requirements would run counter to our objective of making the Irish language live in a natural social setting. For students, struggling with the Irish language can be difficult enough in and of itself. But standing at a distance and wearing masks cannot be a formula for success when trying to understand others, and to make oneself understood, in a second language.

    We appreciate the fact that our students and teachers plan well in advance to attend our Seachtain na Gaeilge. So, we wanted to be sure to make this announcement as soon as possible. Obviously, the situation is very much in flux; and we all pray for an early reprieve. We are still very hopeful that matters will have improved enough so that we will be able to enjoy one another’s company at the November Immersion Weekend. So then, that’s the plan: Jamison, Pennsylvania – November 6th to 8th. Feicfidh muid ansin sibh, le cuidiú Dé !

    Slán agus beannacht,

    Daltaí na Gaeilge

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