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    So, I’ve been using Duolingo, which is generally very good. I’d maxed out all my levels in Irish a couple years ago, but now I’m going back and trying to max them out again as a refresher (which I need). This time around, something struck me as strange.

    When doing the unit on present tense verbs, it includes “to shine,” which we all know is a way of expressing how to like something.

    “Taitníonn sé liom” is “I like it,” but really “It shines with me.” Note that the liker is not the subject of the construction.

    Now, for “Taitním” it accepts both “I shine” and “I like.”

    My question is this: if someone asks you “An dtaitníonn sé leat?” is “Taitním” a common positive response, even thought it technically should be “Taitníonn sé”? I know that grammatically, it should be sé, but given the figurative nature of the construction, I thought some fuzziness might exist in using the first person when trying to answer what it’s really asking (“Do you like it?”)



    Taitním is wrong.

    An dtaitníonn sé leat? = Do you like it? (“Does it sparkle with you”)
    Taitníonn. = Yes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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