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    Hi, I am new to the forum and to Irish. My family is in, large part, Irish by ancestry and I have picked up learning the language.

    Right now I have the DupLingo app and the TeanGlann app.

    I have cpme to the conclusion, and been told by others, that it would be very helpful to be able to hear the language being spoken. DuoLingo has some of that, but I was wondering if anyone here had suggestions for good audio lessons of any kind.

    Participant has lots of audio and video. It’s not free but níl sé ró-dhear.


    If you email, they have a course that was taught at Harvard with a handout and audio files


    Buy books and CDS for:
    Basic Irish Conversation and Grammar
    (Bunchomhrá Gaeilge agus Gramadach) &
    Irish Day by Day (An Ghaeilge ó Lá go Lá)

    go for bunchomhrá ,,,youll get a couple of good years out of that with cds,,,i found it great,,,and the neww version includes grammer tips,,,, i should ask art for commission here GOA.


    Try the TG4 app. It will help you get feel for the sound of the language, even if you don’t understand what’s being said. But many of the programs have English and/or Irish subtitles, so that helps. Also, the Memrise app is great…specifically the “Duolingo Irish,” “Beginner Spoken Irish: Bruntús Cainte” 01-110, and “Irish for CCEA GCSE” courses. And “Now You’re Talkin’ Irish” YouTube videos too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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