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    Días Lasairfhíona

    A chairde,

    I was trying to make a Dutch translation of an Irish text when I came along the follow sentence:

    Bhuail dobrón an mháthair nuair a chuala sí an tseanbhean ag rá gurbh é an leanbh seo craitheadh an tsacáin.

    I already have: The mother was overcome by deep sadness, when she heared the old woman saying that the child was “the shakings of the sack”. This last part “craitheadh an tsacáin” I do not understand. Perhaps it is some sort of seanfhocal in Irish? Does anyone know a proper translation?


    The shaking of the sack, literally.

    The old women is expressing her well founded opinion that the child born will be the last child carried by the mother.
    That is inclined to cause melancholy!


    Tá an aistrúchán seo an-deas, a Aonghus. Written with sensitivity and tenderness. Sweet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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