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    Hugo David

    Hello all,

    Can anyone help me with a translation of a scribal inscription (from an ancestor of mine, circa 1600)? It seems to be a request for a blessing on his soul, but I cannot figure out several words (léigfes & ar):

    … 7 tapr[adh?] an tí léigfes uo bend[acht] ar m’anmuin

    Buíochas !

    Héilics Órbhuí

    leigfes looks like “leigheas” = cure, healing, but it could also be other things
    ar = on

    It looks like it’s not Modern Irish. I don’t know what “tapr[adh]” is supposed to be (7 = a symbol commonly used for “and”), and “an ti” usually means “of the house” so in modern Irish so that doesn’t quite make sense to me in this context. “uo bendacht ar m’anmuin” looks like “of blessing on my soul”, but this is all a it of a guess, since as I said, it looks like middle or old Irish to me, which I have little knowledge of.


    Looks to me like (in modern Irish):
    “agus tabhradh an té a léighfeas so (?) beannacht ar m’anmain”
    “and may/let the person/he who will read this give a blessing on my soul”.

    p & ph/ṗ were often used interchangeably with b & bh/ḃ
    tí = té
    léighfeas = rel. fut. of léigh
    I’d imagine ‘uo’ should be ‘so’
    anmain = old dative of anam

    Héilics Órbhuí

    That sounds pretty reasonable. I was thinking that “léigfes” might be a form of “léigh” and “an tí” was probably “an té”.
    Your translation is probably correct.

    Hugo David

    Thanks, Murchadh and Héilics Órbhuí, very helpful!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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