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    I’ve watched all six episodes of Eipic, the TG4 show about rural teenagers rebelling through music. It’s a fun show, but my main reason for watching is language practice. I’m wondering if I can run some words and phrases by the more experienced Gaelgoirí in this forum to check if I’m learning Irish as she is spoke.

    One character says something that sounds like, “Tá an banda ar ais le chéile” and translates as “The band is back together.” Did I identify each word correctly?

    The kids very often precede some statement with “Féach…” which translates as “Look…” (in the sense of signalling that they’re going to say a thing that’s either hard for them to say or possibly hard for the listener to hear). Is that typical among native speakers?

    Can “saghas” mean “kinda/sorta”? Teanglann.ie says it means “kind/sort,” but in context it clearly doesn’t mean that exactly.

    Thank you for any insights you can share.


    Hi! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the show, but the sentence you give is quite correct. Yes, “féach” is one of the words for “look”, the other alternatives being “breathnaigh” (Connacht) and “amharc” (Ulster). The usage you describe sounds okay to me, but I’m not a native speaker. As for your last question, yes, “saghas” can also mean “kinda”. For example, you could imagine the following conversation: “An bhfuil tú go maith ag an matamataic?” – “Saghas.” (Are you good at maths? – Kinda).


    Thank you, Onuvanja. I’m pleased with myself now; I hadn’t learned “ar ais” but I could hear the right spelling. 🙂


    Fair play to you. 🙂 Sorry, it should read ‘matamaitic’, of course.

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