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    I have uploaded two more image files:
    1/ A careful scan of my copy of The Christian Bothers’ “Aids to the Pronunciation of Irish”, which you can find in the new folder alongside the copy from The problem with Archive’s copy was missing pages, and limited quality of scan. The folder can be found here:
    2/ also I have scanned my copy of Shán Ó Cuív’s “An Comhgar”. This is a complete set of 92 Irish lessons, but they are typed in Seanchló Arsa, and are not suitable for an English only learner without guidance. This is NOT Teach-Yourself! The file can be found here:

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    Task completed apart from tidying up.
    A by product of the process, due to cross comparison, as the LS text format
    was ajusted to mirror the traditional print, OCR errors were highlighted,
    and so, corrected.
    The Catilína files are all in the directory:
    Comments and observations will be greatly appreceated.

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    I have acquired some new material by Shán Ó Cuív.
    The first to be scanned and uploaded is Fiche Duan: An anthology of twenty poems of the Modern Irish period by the best authors, beginning with a poem by Piaras Béaslaí and going back in chronological order to Keating’s poem on the flight of the earls. Selected both for their literary and linguistic content, the poems are an excellent introduction to the study of Modern Irish poetry They are varied in subject and treatment, and introduce a great number of metres. They contain many moulds of Irish speech, which makes them very useful for teaching the language as well as the literature. In Gaelic and Simplified spelling. Edited with notes and an explanation of the metre of each poem by Shán Ó Cuív.
    This book is in the Ó Cuív folder.
    I have more books to scan, and will upload them in due course.

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    Catilína: Adding the Simplified Spelling
    Now on page 39. That is section XLII.

    Progress is good, but I am sure I am finding errors in the original gnáth leitriú file.

    Forgive me for soliloquising, but I do need some help.

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    Thankyou for your response.
    Though my Irish is somewhere between basic, and nonexistant, I have time, and patience, and some skill.
    I may have associated with wrong people, but on my holidays in Kerry, I have met the opinion that CO is disrespected, and the local dialect is favoured.
    So I am trying to centralize a grouping of Munster resources. That is My Munster Irish Library.
    I have found, nay, the Owner of the Literary Café in Dingle pointed me at Archive.Org, and indeed most of my centralized resources are from there.
    Actually, the original for Catilína is from Archive.Org, but the LS version is from Dave Webb. I scanned it to pdf from his original copy. I have scanned other works which are not available from Archive.Org.
    I thought to retypeset the LS version on its own, but logic forced me to incorporate it directly into the retypeset version of Catilína, as that woud automatically put me into a proof reading mode on the retypeset version, and matching the text would highlight my errors.
    Actually, I am not completely enamoured with LS, I think it goes too far, and not far enough, however, it is, as it stands a useable tool for phonetically encoding Irish with sufficient accuracy, that the sound of Father Peter’s dialect can be reconstructed.
    Sound recordings are, for the most part unavailable, and those tiny few which do exist are of abominable quality. LS gives us then, the best available phonetic transcription of Father Peter’s Irish.
    The immediate help I need is this:
    In this new version of Catilína , I have set the page heads, LS on the left page, and traditional text on the right. Taking a cue from “The Sounds of Irish”, I have set the header texts to read,
    Left page: nnL Catilína as Letiriú Shímplí, font = American typewriter.
    Right page: Catilína as Gnáṫ Leitriú nnR, font = Gael BX Unicode. In both cases the page number is in Georgia Bold.
    Is my Irish correct, or what should it be?

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    If anyone wants an original of this book, Abe Books has several copies, both first, and second editions.
    Look at:
    and search for “Shán Ó Cuív”

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    The Sounds of Irish
    That completes the retypesetting.
    Now is the time for proof reading.
    Anyone who helps in this will get a hard copy of the finished file in ‘perfect’ binding, if they give me a postal address.
    My Blogspot will give further details, see above.

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    Up to page 79.
    Problems: please look at <>.
    Le meas, Deghebh.

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    Sorry neither of the books you are looking for are in my collection.
    Neither are they in They are probably still in copyright, at least, the O’ Shé book will be.

    As for the book I am presently retypesetting:
    The Sounds of Irish
    Now up to page 69.
    Minor problem: I am sure that a couple of bits of LS have crept into the Historical Spelling. The first I found was obvious, a ‘v’ where ‘bh’ should have been, but here on page 69, we have, I think, indeed, I am sure, that in the sentence:”Do léim an rothaidhe den rothar
    agus do dhein sé fé dhéin an tuir.”, “sé” should not be spelled with an ‘h’ as in the original.

    Le meas,

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    The Sounds of Irish
    Now up to page 55. That is the 62nd page. Just 30 to go.
    Feedback needed.
    I have broken my rule of sticking exactly to the original layout.
    In the exercises, the text is written in LS an the left-hand page, and on the right-hand in the ‘historical’ spelling. Clearly, this was done to enable comparison of the two systems, however, the original typsetter only followed the sequence of paragraphs. I have adjusted the format so that the lines on facing pages have the same words in the same position, so that they can be more easily matched.
    The files are all in the Ó Cuív folder, see above.

    Is mise, le meas,

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    A Cháirde,
    The Sounds of Irish
    I have started retypesetting the above book.
    So far, it is quite easy, most of it is English, and the OCR is quite good.
    Presently, I am up to page 18, nearly 25% done, and only 2 days!
    Progeress reports will be made in my blog which is at:<>.
    Is mise, le meas, Deghebh.

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    Here is a directory structure of My Munster Irish Library.
    You may need to fiddle font and page width to line it up correctly

    It is out of date, but will serve as a rough guide.
    Most recent alterations are additions to

    PÓLeary |> Translations |>
    Catiláina.doc, and CatilínaRetypeset.pdf, and
    anTeagasCriosde.doc, and TeagasCriosdeRetypeset.pdf,
    have been added.

    Library |> OldBooks |> SPIL |> AGrammarOfThe IrishLanguage.pdf ***
    | | |> GrammarOfIrishLangJoyce.pdf
    | | |> DairmuidAndGrainne1.pdf
    | | |> TheChildrenOfTuireann.pdf
    | | |> TheChildrenOfUisneach.pdf
    | | |> SaotharArSeanigCein.pdf
    | | |> DairmuidAndGrainne2.pdf
    | | |> 1stIrishBook.pdf
    | | |> 2ndIrishBook.pdf
    | | |> 3rdIrishBook.pdf
    | | |> DinneenIrishProse.pdf
    | | |> DairmuidAndGrainneB1.pdf
    | | |> DairmuidAndGrainneB2.pdf
    | |
    | |> PhonologyOfDesiIrish.pdf
    | |> PoetsAndPoetryOfMunster.pdf
    | |> Féin_theagasg_Gaoidheilge_Self_Instruct.pdf
    | |> AGrammarOfTheModernIrishLanguage.pdf
    | |> APracticalGrammarOfTheIrishLanguage.pdf
    |> Brennan |> IrishMadeEasyOrAPracticalIrishGrammar.pdf
    | |> IRISH MADE EASY.pdf ***
    |> Myles Dillon TYI |> InteractiveTYI |> TeachYourselfIrish.pdf ***
    | | |>
    | | |>
    | | |>
    | | |>
    | |
    | |> Irish.pdf *Instructions concerning TYI
    | |> MylesDillon.pdf *Scanned image file
    |> Christian Brothers |> IrishHistoryReader.pdf
    | |> FirstIrishGrammar.pdf
    | |> GraiméarNaGaedhilge.pdf
    | |> CóirMhúineNaGaedhilge.pdf
    | |> AidsToIrishComposition.pdf
    | |> AidsToThePronunciationOfIrish.pdf
    | |> irishcomposition.pdf
    | |> teacherscompanion.pdf
    |> Ó Duirinne |> Associated Books |> educationalprono00duir.pdf *Google image
    | | |> EdPronDictImage.pdf *Scan of my copy
    | | |> Introduction.pdf *(to Studies)
    | | |> FaeryNights.pdf *Scanned sample excerpt
    | | |> DuanaireGaedhilge.pdf * ditto
    | | |> StudiesPartII.pdf
    | | |> StudiesPartI.pdf
    | |
    | |> Other Books |> LanesEnglishIrishDictionary.pdf
    | | |> EtymoDictScotGaelic.pdf
    | | |> Dinneentranscribed.pdf
    | | |> DinneenPartTwo.pdf *Big file cut in 2
    | | |> DinneenPartOne.pdf *Big file cut in 2
    | | |> A_practical_grammar_of_the_Irish_languag.pdf
    | | |> A-grammar_of_the_modern_Irish_language.pdf
    | | |> LanesLarger.pdf * File too large – Link to orig.
    | |
    | |> EdPronDict ***
    |> PÓLeary |> Seadna |> SeadnaAnDaraCuid.pdf *Part 2 with English translation
    | | |> Shiana.pdf * English version
    | | |> Séadna.pdf
    | |
    | |>Religious |> Imprimatur |> BibleTexts |> Luke.pdf
    | | | | |> TheFourGospels.pdf
    | | | | |> ActsOfApostles.pdf
    | | | |
    | | | |> MissalGospel.pdf
    | | |
    | | |> SixtyOne Sermons.pdf
    | |
    | |> MoSgéalFéin |> mp3 |> 01.mp3 – 32.mp3 * one for each chapter
    | | |
    | | |> mo sgéal féin.pdf *smaller version
    | | |> MoSgéalFéin.pdf *longer version
    | |
    | |> Translations |> donciochte.pdf *Don Quixote
    | | |> donciochtebw.pdf
    | | |> teagascriosde.pdf *Catechism *See below
    | | |> lucian.pdf
    | | |> catilina.pdf
    | | |> bricriu.pdf
    | |
    | |> SgeuluidheachtChúigeMumhan.pdf
    | |> anFiolarFealltach.pdf
    | |> CainntNaDaoinePtIV.pdf
    | |> OileánNagCúigmBeann.pdf
    | |> Niamh.pdf
    | |> LughaidhMacCon.pdf
    | |> GuaireCuidI.pdf
    | |> GuaireCuidII.pdf
    | |> TablesInIrish.pdf
    | |> Eisirt.pdf
    | |> CómhairleÁrLeasa.pdf
    | |> Stharaidheacht.pdf
    | |> Sgothbhualadh.pdf
    | |> ÁrNdóithinAroan.pdf
    | |> AgSéideadhAgusAgIthe.pdf
    | |> CathRuisNaRíForBóinn.pdf
    | |> AnBealachBuidhe.pdf
    | |> AnCraosDeamhan.pdf
    | |> AnSprid.pdf
    | |> TravelsAndExperiences.pdf
    |> Ó Cuív |> SoundsOfIrish.pdf *Definitive document detailing Simplified Spelling
    |> IrishSpellingLecture.pdf
    |> AnTeagascCrísdy.pdf *See above
    |> IrishMadeEasy.pdf *Forerunner of ‘SoundsOfIrish’
    |> BlasNaGaedhilge.pdf
    |> CuíneAirtÍLaere.pdf
    |> CúirtNaDála.pdf

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