Memphis Irish Club / Cumann Gaelach Tír Chikasha

Chris KingMemphis, TN 38134

We offer 10-week beginner classes every Fall and Spring semester in the Memphis area. We use the Tús Maith course by Risteard Mac Gabhann. The teacher has worked with Barra Mac Eáin (Barry McCain) in Oxford, MS, and will start his own bunrang (beginner class) in Memphis in Spring 2014. Cost for the class is $100 per person and all fees go to support the work of our Conradh na Gaeilge branch.If you are an intermediate student and are willing to travel to Oxford for lessons, about 1hr 20min away, I can put you in touch with Barra. Ádh mór ort!

Credit available.

Contact the Teacher for more information.