Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level




Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level

A multimedia Irish language course for adults

Author: Éamonn Ó Dónaill

Publisher: Gaelchultúr

Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level is a multimedia language course for adult learners of Irish. It’s suitable for those who have already learned Irish and who still understand some of the language. It aims to give people the confidence and language skills necessary to communicate in Irish in everyday situations and to help them understand Irish speakers from various parts of the country. The emphasis is on developing speaking and listening skills but learners are also given opportunities to read and write the language. Grammar is taught in context, as it’s required.

The course consists of a book and two audio CDs which are closely linked to the book.

Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level aims to help those who undertake the course to:

  • speak Irish a lot more fluently;
  • speak the language more accurately;
  • add greatly to their vocabulary;
  • understand speakers of the various dialects;
  • add to their reading and writing skills;
  • gain an understanding of various aspects of grammar.

The book can be used on its own or with the two CDs. The dialogues featured in the book can also be heard on the CDs.