Buntús Cainte – A first Step in Spoken Irish




Buntús CainteA first Step in Spoken Irish


Buntús Cainte is the most successful course in Irish ever and is in continual demand.  This is an easily graded course in Irish for beginners, and is especially appropriate for students who will not have the advantage of a teacher’s help. The content of the course has been carefully selected on the basis of normal daily conversational requirements as established by the scientific research which formed the basis for the publication of Buntús Gaeilge.

All reference to grammatical rules has been avoided in this course.  The lessons follow a regular pattern, each containing five separate sections:


[1] New material

[2] Six basic sentences

[3] Revisionary sentences

[4] Additional new material

[5] Conversational situation in which the material learned is used.


The course should be used in conjunction with the accompanying CD which provides the Irish words and sentences as spoken by native Irish speakers.  Doing a little and doing it regularly is the secret of success.