Introduction to Studies in Modern Irish
Now up to page 20.
I have adjusted the margins to reduce the condensation required to fit the lines. I think it is about right now, and only very few lines are heavily condensed. Side margins are now 15mm, and top and bottom, 7. Theoretically, I could reduce the side margins to 5mm, but that would be pushing it. Please give me your comments on format. Do I need to adjust further, or is it now ok?
Someone has donated a better scan of Introduction than mine to Archive.org, and I have placed a copy in the Introduction folder. I’ll be using that file in future as the OCR is much better than mine.
Also, I found in Archive, Parts III and IV, so I have set up two more sub-folders in Studies in Modern Irish. This folder, you can find at:
If this is getting too close to being a journal, my appologies.
I am trying, (very), to keep this to substantive information.