Key Ring / Pendant




Each pewter medallion measures 1 3/8″ in diameter (making it a little larger than a Kennedy Half Dollar). They depict our logo which is based on the ancient Irish legend of the Salmon of Knowledge. (See the “Why the Fish?” link on the main shopping page to learn more.) Also included is a linked metal ring so that it can be used as a keychain (it’s original purpose). Many of our members like to remove the ring, however, and put the medallion on a chain to wear as jewelry. The back of each medallion is engraved in the center with “Daltaí na Galilge”(Our name, meaning Students of the Irish Language). Around the outer edge of the reverse side is engraved: “Tír gan Teanga Tír gan Anam” (Our motto, meaning “A nation without a language is a nation without a soul”.)