Three kinds of brains:
a running brain,
a rock brain,
a wax brain.

Note: Here is another Irish triplet. One could paraphrase this proverb. There are three kinds of brains; a working brain, a stubborn brain, and a receptive brain. A working brain is one that objectively, critically, and rationally analyses inputs to logically draw new conclusions. It can also intuitively create new concepts, new constructs, and new constructions.

On the other hand, a stubborn brain is like a rock. It does not change for anything. It does not change as circumstances change. It is fixed and immovable.

A receptive brain is like one made of wax. It can retain an impression of anything it comes into contact. A wax brain today might be called a photgraphic memory. It can dredge up any impression from the past. Unforetunately, it can not create any new ones. It can reproduce but it can not create.

What kind of brain do you have? Make it a working brain. Study Irish. Exercise your cerebrum regularly at an Irish class near you. You will be glad you did. Labhair Gaeilge linn.