Listen to the sound of the river and you will get a trout.

Note: Catching fish is not the whole of fishing. (An English Proverb) Any pursuit, like fishing, requires preparation, education, and experience to be proficient. For example, if the object of the pursuit is to catch a fish, one has to learn everthing one can about the fish. One has to learn where it lives, how it behaves, how it reacts to changes in its environment, what it eats, what it prefers, … Only after one has done all this work, can one listen to river and know how to catch it.

Ireland has some of the the best trout fishing in the world. The mild rains, the moderate climate, and thousands of brooks and streams make an ideal environment for trout. Brown trout is the native fish found in most parts of Ireland. Fishing season starts at the end of February and runs to the end of September. Fly fishing is all that is allowed. Live bait is prohibited. Rod and line is the only legal way to fish in Ireland’s freshwater. Anglers are limited to a maximum of two lines. Go n-éirí iascaireacht an bhric leat!