I think this is a great new dictionary, very helpful and it will no doubt be even better when all the material is up online.

One point of criticism I would offer is that they could have marked dialectal words as such. If we look at “as well”, we are given four alternatives, all of them correct Irish but two of them would never be heard in Munster, and I’d say one is exclusively used in Munster and never in Connacht or Ulster. Of course most words are the same in all dialects with only minor pronunciation differences (I love the sound files!) but those few words that are different could perhaps have been marked. Anyhow, a great new tool for everybody interested in Irish!

I ABSOLUTELY love this dictionary and find myself using it continually. I agree however as Jonas points out that it would be helpful to get an idea of the dialect being expressed for a given entry. However, having said that, this is an exciting and stunning work. I am so so grateful to have it.