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    Bail O Dhia oraibh go leir

    My name is Chris Mahon and I am an Irishman from County Carlow in the Province of Leinster. I hope you you won’t mind me making the readership aware of a book of poetry I have written called “Reflections of a Wandering Celt” which is available on Amazon.com. The book is a compilation of personal experiences over many years and is divided up into Sections called Romance, Nature, Thoughts of Erin,
    Reflections, Humour and Africa. Unusually, I have commented at the beginning of each poem why I wrote it. The book has received favourable reviews from a number of people including Professor Brendan Kenneally, Poet, and John O’Donoghue, Poet, Author and Barrister. I have also put up two videos on Youtube in which I recite a number of the poems. These can be accessed by typing in ‘An Irishman’s view of real Poetry’ in the Youtube search box. I hope you will visit these and perhaps leave a comment.

    I would also be delighted if anyone knew an Irish poet who might be interested in collaborating with me in translating some of the poems in to Gaelic.

    Mise le meas

    Criostoir O’Mathghamhna

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