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    In reply to Bríd Mhór’s question on Rosetta Stone, I thought it was a fine program. The Irish has three levels, while some languages like Spanish and German have five, but the three covered quite a lot of things. We were just starting the subjunctive and the autonomous (impersonal) at the very end, and I can pick up on that stuff in Stenson’s book.
    I will say that, until near the end, it focuses mostly on speaking, and with the online sessions I did get some excellent experience speaking the language. In retrospect, I wish I had looked into the grammar a little earlier, though–my fault.
    Anyway, to sum it up, I feel Rosetta Stone does a really good job of introducing practical use to the language, and is a good way to begin. It leaves you with a good background that you can then build on.
    Thanks for the help, everybody!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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